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  August "Back to School" Workshop - Intermediate Level8/25/2019
  August "Back to School" Workshop - Transitional/Advanced Level8/25/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Advanced Ballet9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Advanced Jazz9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Advanced Pointe9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Elementary Ballet I9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Elementary Ballet II9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Elementary Jazz 9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Intermediate A Ballet9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Intermediate B Ballet9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Intermediate Jazz9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Modern I9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Modern II9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Modern III9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Modern IV9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Pointe9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - PrePointe9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Tap A9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Tap B9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Tap C9/30/2019
  Fall A la Carte - Transitional Ballet9/30/2019
  Fall Adult Ballet9/30/2019
  Fall Adult Modern9/30/2019
  Fall Adult Tap9/30/2019
  Fall Ballet Foundations9/30/2019
  Fall Petite Ballet9/30/2019
  Fall Soloist Package - Elementary I8/15/2019
  Fall Soloist Package- Advanced8/15/2019
  Fall Soloist Package- Elementary II8/15/2019
  Fall Soloist Package- Intermediate A8/15/2019
  Fall Soloist Package- Intermediate B8/15/2019
  Fall Soloist Package- Transitional8/15/2019
  Nutcracker Show Fee8/15/2019
  Summer Adult Ballet7/31/2019
  Summer Adult Tap7/31/2019
  Summer Class Card - 157/31/2019
  Summer Class Card - 207/31/2019
  Summer Class Card - 257/31/2019
  Summer Class Card - 307/31/2019
  Summer Class Card - Unlimited7/31/2019
  Unlimited Youth Summer Dance7/31/2019