Georgia Cup 4 Tournament Package

The Georgia Cup consists of a circuit of events hosted throughout the state of Georgia during the Spring & Summer travel basketball season. The idea is to bring together the best teams, regardless of affiliation, to compete for the title of best in Georgia.

The Georgia Cup will be the highest profile tournament series in the state.  The true state championship is on the line and teams and players also have an opportunity to play themselves into the regional hoops conversation.

The Georgia Cup offers the most cost effective pricing to ensure your team gets the most bang for their buck.  Teams have the option to buy 3, 4, or 5 game packages that will allow your team to save money.

1 Tournament = $275
3 Tournament Package = $750 ($250 per tournament)
4 Tournament Package = $900 ($225 per tournament)
5 Tournament Package = $1000 ($200 per tournament)

   *Packages do not include the Georgia Cup Final
   *Tournament packages must be purchased before playing in your team's first tournament.
    Packages cannot be combined later.
   *Tournament packages are purchased by a team and cannot be combined or reassigned to
    other teams, even if the other teams are in your organization.
   * There are no multi-team discounts.  The tournament packages already offer substantial
     savings and value.

Price and Dates

Registration Opens
Sep 23, 2013
Registration Closes
May 13, 2014

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