Coach Registration - ALL Teams

GHRA High School Roller Hockey

This applies to ALL coaches that will be on the bench for games

You will be asked for your New AAU Membership Number when registering.  You must have registered after September 1, 2009 for this upcoming season.

All GHRA coaches on the bench must agree to a background check.

Please read the following Waiver & Code(s) of Conduct you will be required to acknowledge the acceptance of them to complete GHRA's online registration

Georgia High School Roller Hockey Coaches Code of Conduct

All League Coaches shall:

  • Refrain from engaging in any activities or conduct which are, or may be viewed as being, detrimental to any player, team, school or the league.
  • Conduct themselves in a positive and sportsmanlike manner at all times, and,
  • Strive to provide a safe and positive environment at all times and promote fair play and sportsmanship among all players, coaches, referees and parents.

The following behavior by League coaches shall not be tolerated:

  • Any type of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse of a player. 
  • Verbal or physical confrontations with other coaches, players, referees, parents or spectators, and Excessive use of profanity


  • All League coaches shall adhere to any certification requirements established by the League,
  • Coaches shall make efforts to continually develop their
  • coaching skills and learn new drills and coaching methods,
  • Coaches are encouraged to conduct organized practice sessions for their team during the season,
  • Coaches shall ensure that their players wear any and all equipment required by AAU Hockey Inline and the League for all practices and games, and
  • Coaches shall stay abreast of all rules, policies and procedures so implemented that may affect them, their team or the League.

Price and Dates

Registration Opens
Sep 01, 2009
Registration Closes
Dec 31, 2009

Registration has Closed
Currently Registered
27087Alan Orrie1
27038Allen Jackson1
27102Andrew Loeb1
27531Barry Jenkins1
27734Barry Noeltner1
27314Bob Michalowski1
27264Bob Webster1
28575Brian Ballard1
27483Bruce Reese1
27742Bruce Langston1
27672chris routh1
27365Clyde Patterson1
28435Dan Phillips1
27479Daniel Ciaccio1
28493Dave Guilbault1
28833Dave Guilbault1
27026doug harrington1
28614Doug Russell1
27066Douglas Hemsley1
27079Drew Barnard1
27212Drew Rubin1
28404Gary Ruffcorn1
28613Glenn Heidkamp1
27076Glenn Wilensky1
27703Greg Miller1
27118Greg Preston1
27560gregory kuhlman1
27485Harold Bieber1
28162Jack Britt1
27520James Coneys1
27394Jane Roney1
27661Jay Ryerse1
31528Jeff Hudson1
27058Jeff Martin1
27678Jeff Unger1
27451Jeffrey Shimizu1
27718Jeffrey Wheeler1
27143Jerry Colella1
27746Jim Simmonds1
28069Jim Albert1
27269Jim Miller1
27096joe aylward1
27259John O'Reilly1
27068John Smith1
27490Joseph Empric1
27396Josh Roney1
27403Josh Roney1
27457Karl LaBrecque1
27278Kurt Cooper1
28810Kurt Cooper1
27323Kyle Krug1
28350Lee Garmon1
27246Marc Lambert1
27181Mark McBride1
27116Mark Portera1
27635Matthew Geller1
28821Michael Gault1
28827Michael Godby1
27775Michael Matton1
27559Michael Shuster1
27351Mike Fussell1
28412Mike Gault1
27355Nick Summers1
27055paul Bello1
27687Paul Dixon1
27027Raymond Nowakowski1
27577Rich Koontz1
27297Richard Derbawka1
27492Rick Gilbo1
27739Rick McRae1
28812rob hardy1
28917Robert Hardy1
27185Robert Merritt1
27184Robert Zawada1
27334Rolf Dzirson1
27133Ron BARRON1
27459Ron Larro1
28612Ronnie Williams1
27655Ryan Friedrich1
27231Scott Beardsell1
27446Stephen Peet1
28526Steve Morgan1
30891Steve Sclafani1
27077Stu Miller1
27169Thomas Flaim1
27712Thurman Selman1
28796todd cormack1
27414Tom Neely1
28611Tommy Melton5
27034Travis Britt1
28403Vern Herr1
27784Wayne Sutor1
27084William Baker1
27425William Bennett1
27449William Bray1