USKG Certified Coach Seminars

Participating in a U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach Seminar enhances the coach's knowledge of all aspects of youth golf that can be utilized to enhance his/her current program or provide the basis for establishing new offerings. Areas of focus during the seminar include:

Perfect Swings Begin with the Perfect Fit:
 The importance of properly-fitted clubs to maximize success for both young golfers and their coaches. Proprietary research on swing speed development for junior golfers.

Scaling the Game:
 Research regarding proper length of course setup for players based on their driver carry distance will be provided so that coaches will become experts in golf course setup and yardages. Tailoring the course for young golfers will result in lower scores, encouraging more rounds and increasing retention.

Enhancing Current Junior Programs: Tools, resources, best practices and bringing “fun” to their junior programs through a games-based curriculum. The seminars will feature an outdoor session that will demonstrate game-based learning with games from the U.S. Kids Golf Book of Games.

Other topics presented in more detail include:

- Analysis of golf participation and programs vs. other youth sports.
- “Scaling” of the following elements for youth: Equipment, The Golf Course, Competition and Instruction.
- Parental involvement and introduction to the “Positive Coaching Alliance”.
- High-quality instruction focusing on fun and achievement while teaching fundamentals.
- Introduction to golf-specific games to serve as a key component in instruction.

Completing the Certified Coach process
Certified Coach Frequently Asked Questions

Price and Dates

Registration Opens
Jul 14, 2015
Registration Closes
Dec 31, 2020