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This site is  for ALL SGAA Caoches.   By signing up on the site you are agreeing to abide by all the rules and regulations of SGAA.  I agree to do the required CDC course  and abide by the Safe Kids Program.

SafeKids Program Guidelines
 The following constitute the policies of _SGAA_____with regard to awareness and prevention of abuse within our organization. 
• SGA_____________________ is committed to provide a safe environment and to prevent child abuse and sexual misconduct.
 • __SGAA__________________ will make every reasonable effort to ensure that every person involved in coaching/ training a sport activity in our organization will abide by these SafeKids guidelines. 
• __SGAA__________________ will make every reasonable effort to exclude any adult with a legally documented history of child abuse/molestation or any other conviction or record that would bring unnecessary risk to the health and safety of the participants of this organization.
 • ________SGAA_____________ will perform a National criminal background check on every person applying for a position (including volunteers) at our organization. 
• _______SGAA___________ will take appropriate action on all allegations of child abuse and/or sexual misconduct. All allegations will be reported immediately to the authorities for investigation and our organization will cooperate fully with any such investigation. The following represent the preventive measures of our organization with regard to abuse: 
• Physical, mental, and verbal abuse of any of the participants, coaches, managers, employees, or volunteers involved in our sponsored activities is not permitted. 
• Inappropriate touching of any kind is forbidden. 
• We agree to provide more than one adult working at or overseeing every activity. If a child needs special attention (one -on-one training or an individual meeting), it will be handled with the assistance or presence of another adult. 
• Coaches/trainers should not socialize with the participants outside of the sponsored activities of the organization.
 • Coaches/trainers should never ride alone with a child or participant in a car. Procedures will be established for coaches to follow in the event a participant is stranded at an activity. 
• Parents are encouraged to attend sponsored activities 
By signing this statement, I acknowledge that we have adopted this program and have incorporated it into our program guidelines. 

Concussion Awareness-Prevention Guidelines 
The following constitute the policies of _____________SGAA____with regard to concussion awareness and prevention within our organization. _____SGAA_______is committed to maintain an adequate system and regularly promote a concussion awareness and safety recognition program, including, but not limited to, the online Concussion Course offered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. ______SGAA____________________communicates, in writing (including by electronic means), our concussion awareness and safety recognition program to all participants, coaches, parents and involved parties. __________SGAA________________has a clear understanding of concussion and the potential consequences of the injury; recognizing concussion signs and symptoms and how to respond. _______________SGAA___________is focused on prevention and preparedness to help participants stay safe and learn the steps for returning to activity after a concussion. ___SGAA_______________________will take the following 5 steps if we suspect a participant has a concussion: 

1) Remove the athlete from play. Look for signs and symptoms of a concussion if your athlete has experienced a bump or blow to the head or body. When in doubt, keep the athlete out of play.

 2) Ensure that the athlete is evaluated by a health care professional experienced in evaluating for concussion. 

3) Recording the following information can help health care professionals in assessing the athlete after the injury: Cause of the injury and force of the hit or blow to the head or body Any loss of consciousness (passed out/knocked out) and if so, for how long Any memory loss immediately following the injury Any seizures immediately following the injury Number of previous concussions (if any) 

4) Inform the athlete’s parents or guardians about the possible concussion and give them the fact sheet on concussion. Make sure they know that the athlete should be seen by a health care professional who is experienced in evaluating for concussion. 

5) Keep the athlete out of play the day of the injury and until a health care professional, experienced in evaluating for concussion, says he/she is symptom-free, and it’s OK to return to play.

 A repeat concussion that occurs before the brain recovers from the first concussion—usually within a short period of time (hours, days, or weeks)—can slow recovery or increase the likelihood of having long-term problems. In rare cases, repeat concussions can result in edema (brain swelling), permanent brain damage, and even death. By completing this coaches registration, I acknowledge these policies and agree to abide by them.

I agree to abide by all the COVID-19 restrictions set forth under Executive Order from Gov.Brian Kemp, Gwinnett County Parks and Rec, South Gwinnett Athletic Association and Gwinnett Middle School Fast Pitch League and hold harmless all parties listed above in regard to any COVID-19 diagnosis contracted by my child or any family member.

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