2020 Tackle Football 7 - 13 yrs old

   "Touchdowwwwwwwwwwn DRAGONS!". Suit up this Fall as Jefferson seeks to build on last season's fun and exciting action with five new parks entering the NGYFA. 

Any player who registers to play with the City of Jefferson Recreation Department must 1) Live inside the City Limits of Jefferson and/or 2) Attend JEFFERSON CITY SCHOOLS. 
If participants live OUTSIDE the City Limits but attend Jefferson City Schools- please bring in a print-screen from Parent Portal showing participant student status. 


Do you live inside the City of Jefferson?

Does your child attend Jefferson City Schools?

If you answer NO to BOTH questions- DO NOT proceed with registration

If you answer YES to one OR both questions- you may proceed to the registration screen

Registration Fee: $110* (add $35 for non-city resident whose child attends Jefferson City Schools) *135 after June 30th IF space available

Ages: 7U thru 12U-7th grade*

The 12U-7th grade team will consist of all players that are 12 as of August 1 AND will include 7th graders who are 13 as of August 1. (cannot be 13 and in the 8th grade)

Evaluations times: If necessary- TBD

REGISTRATION INCLUDES: Helmet and shoulder pads* (to be returned at the end of the season) and Full sublimated reversible game jersey

**PARTICIPANTS MUST PROVIDE WHITE GAME PANTS, practice attire and mouth guard. 

Team Request: In the event there is more than one team in any age group, Team request are NOT guaranteed with the exception of same age siblings or children living in the same household.  Any request made for car-pooling, friends, reasons, etc.  will be stated to each coach in the draft room.  Accommodations could be made IF it is feasible.  Once teams have been drafted and rosters are set NO trades or adjustments to teams will occur.  

Age control date is August 1, 2020. 
(if you would like for you child to play 1 age group higher, please contact the Rec Department once registration is complete)

UNIFORM FITTING PROCEDURES: Uniform fittings will occur during the first week of practice. Your coach will contact you with specific day and time.  All players are required to be at the uniform fitting to ensure proper sizes are order. 

If you have any questions about uniform fittings, please contact Jeremy Smith - jsmith@cityofjeffersonga.com

Close DatePrice
Age 76/30/2020$110.00
Age 86/30/2020$110.00
Age 96/30/2020$110.00
Age 106/30/2020$110.00
Age 116/30/2020$110.00
Ages 12 to 136/30/2020$110.00
Playing Age as of: 8/1/2020