Jr Counselor in Training (ages 10 & 11)

Science of Fun Junior Counselor in Training Program 2023

Ages 10 & 11

Ages 12 + (and rising 6th graders) please go to the CIT program instead

application deadline May 1, 2023


We are thrilled that you are interested in the Science of Fun Junior Counselor In Training (Jr CIT) Program for students ages 10 and 11. Students who demonstrate maturity, patience, helpfulness, responsibility, and who enjoy working with younger kids are encouraged to pursue this opportunity. Many Junior CITs have younger siblings who are attending as a camper the same week; it is convenient to have multiple siblings together. Jr CITs are able to complete all of the labs plus they help the younger campers. Please keep in mind that our lab activities are designed for ages 5-9 so labs will feel “too easy” to older campers. The Jr CIT program is designed for early leadership exposure, not as separate labs for older kids. Will your tween enjoy being one of the oldest campers and helping the younger kids? 

Please see our camp schedule, locations, and details here. Once accepted into the Junior CIT Program, campers will enroll in our program and pay regular tuition. We provide mentorship and supervised experiences that will help participants develop their leadership skills and accept personal responsibility. Campers age 12+ (rising 6th graders are also eligible) may apply to the full CIT Program.

Here are the next steps:

  • Please scroll down and review the Jr CIT guidelines with your child. 

  • The Jr CIT program requires one current teacher to fill out a brief, checklist-style questionnaire. Please have the teachers’ names and work email addresses ready for the Jr CIT Interest Form, below. We will forward our checklist to them. Please let the teachers know to expect an email from us, the Science of Fun STEM Camp. 

  • Please fill out this Jr CIT Interest Form. The applicant should fill out this form as independently as possible; it's good practice. The Interest form must be submitted by April 1, 2023 for summer camp applicants. 

  • Once the applicant is accepted into the program then we will provide you with a registration link. 

  • Please remember that Jr CITs have regular tuition. (Please do not use a CIT discount code; that will apply later when they are a full CIT age 12+ or rising 6th graders). 

  • Please also add "Jr CIT'' to the comments of the registration form. 

Science of Fun guidelines for Jr CITs

  • Bring lunch, two snacks, and a water bottle. Dress for hot weather. 

  • Do not bring any technology: no phones, no computers, no smart watches, no devices at all. In case of an emergency you may communicate with your parents through the Supervisor’s phone. Please make your transportation arrangements before you arrive. 

  • Pay attention to the lab instructions so you can help the younger kids. Be prepared to clearly re-explain what to do. Pay attention to the kids in your group and offer help. 

  • Keep the backpack area tidy; it gets messy fast!

  • Pick up trash and put things where they belong; help keep the camp organized.

  • Help the campers clean up after their labs and meals. 

  • During recess, remind students to follow the playground rules. 

  • Be a role model for friendly and courteous behavior. Be a good friend to everyone. 

  • Do the above things without being asked. 

Many thanks,

Kris Webb and the SOF Team

Important note for parents: Please make sure to sign your Jr CIT out at the end of the day so we always know where they are! 

Ages 12 + (and rising 6th graders) please go to the CIT program instead

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